Hey, it’s Tom Dufek, from Plain Spoke Cocktails

Tom is an ordinary Midwest guy who happens to be extraordinarily good at making cocktails. He started his decade plus career in the food and beverage industry in Milwaukee. Most recently, he has helped lead the cocktail programs at both Merchant and Lucille in Madison, Wisconsin. He cemented their reputations as respected purveyors of fine cocktails both regionally and nationally.

Maybe it’s not so surprising when you realize Tom’s father and three siblings also work in the food and hospitality business. Sweet vermouth must run in his veins.


Tom has always enjoyed sharing his love of cocktails and cocktail culture with others. You’ll frequently see him out at industry events and teaching educational classes. So when he saw an opportunity to bring that love of great cocktails out of the bar and into people’s homes and coolers, he couldn’t resist.

And, thus, Plain Spoke Cocktails was born.

He won’t brag about his accomplishments, preferring to let his cocktails speak for him. We only bring them up so you’ll know every Plain Spoke cocktail you enjoy or share with friends is a real craft cocktail that lives up to his high standards.

We’ll drink to that. Cheers!