Some say the Moscow Mule got its name because it had a strong kick like that of a mule. We ask that you please don’t find this out for yourself.

ALC. BY VOL.:  8%

INGREDIENTS: Midwest Vodka, 100% Lime Juice, Ginger, Pure Cane Sugar, 0% Mule



It’s hard to believe something with ‘smash’ in its name could be so finely crafted and flavorful. Yet that’s exactly what this American classic is.

ALC. BY VOL.:  8%

INGREDIENTS: Midwest Bourbon, 100% Lemon Juice, Mint, Pure Cane Sugar, Smashingly Good Refreshment



Born in the heat of Havana and a favorite among pirates and Hemingway himself, the mojito might be the most refreshing rum cocktail ever. And who’s going to argue with either.

ALC. BY VOL.:  8%

INGREDIENTS: Caribbean Rums, 100% Lime Juice, Mint, Pure Cane Sugar, Instant Happy Hour



It warms our hearts (though it could be the brandy) to see the rest of the country rediscover Old Fashioneds. They never went out of fashion here in the Midwest where they’ve been enjoyed in basements and corner bars ever since we can remember: Aged brandy, with bitters. Hotdish optional.

ALC. BY VOL.:  10%

INGREDIENTS: Aged Brandy, Lemon-Lime sparkling seltzer, Bittercube Trinity bitters, Pure Cane Sugar, A Touch of Nostalgia


Big on quality,

short on ingredient lists.

We use simple, real ingredients. Like 100% citrus juices and Midwestern spirits. No added preservatives or anything artificial.


Tastes like

it’s right out of the shaker.

Our unique canning process means the ingredients stay fresher longer. Try one. Ask your tastebuds. They’ll tell you.



without the mixups.

Our in-house bartender creates and certifies every recipe, so you know it’s just right every time. (No tip required. You’re good.)



cocktails to go-go.

Whether the party is at a lake, backyard, skyscraper, rave cave or in your favorite chair, Plain Spoke is there for you.


Who is behind Plain Spoke Cocktails?

A plainspoken guy named Tom. He grew up in the Midwest where quality, simplicity, and honesty go hand-in-hand-in-hand. He’s spent over 15 years making, serving and enjoying cocktails at some of the Midwest’s top cocktail bars (and collecting some national awards along the way). Tom wanted to make that craft cocktail bar experience more convenient and available almost anywhere. And, thus, Plain Spoke was born. If you see him out, say ‘hi’. Otherwise, we’ll let the cocktails do all the talking.

What makes Plain Spoke Cocktails taste so good?

Because we use all natural ingredients like 100% citrus juices and no preservatives. Our canning process also keeps your cocktail fresher longer inside the can, so it always tastes like some bearded guy with tattoo sleeves and suspenders just handed it to you across the bar.

Why are cans better than bottles?

Lots of reasons! They protect the product better, keep it fresher, they’re safer, more stackable, better for the environment, chill better and you can take them more places. Everybody wins!

Where can I find Plain Spoke Cocktails?

Check out this fancy map below

Where To Find

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